Friday, July 15, 2011

Is my voice going to change?

I was not ready for that question. I can thank Bambi for teaching the facts of life to my kids.

So we finally signed a lease for a home in Sugar Land, TX. It is less than 20 minutes from campus. Maybe 15 minutes. We will have to learn our way around. I also found that a local gym is hiring for a lead run position. My hope is that I could get a position at the gym so we could all go. But it might not work out. It is just an idea floating around in my head. There are several up there.

Caitlin is getting so big. I need to post some current pictures of her up here. I will do it when tim gets home. She is still pretty happy and laughing. Adam and Ryan are gradually getting more and more into her. In fact Adam tried to carry her yesterday. While I am not a fan of him toting her around, I tried not to be to harsh at his desire to intereact with her.
Kristen had a funny story last night related to this that she posted on fb, "at some point last night as my children harassed Anna I said, "Ryan and Adam never mess with Caitlin!' (because comparing your children to their friends is always good parenting, right?) Well, anyway, my great idea failed because Nate just said, 'Awwww, poor Caitlin.' If she ever needs some messing with, let me know."

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