Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cousin Magic

There is something that is extraordinary about cousins. It is like magic. I take my kids to a close friends house and my children will cling to me and be so difficult I want to pull my hair out. We get to see the cousins, what once maybe twice a year? and the children leave my side immediately. I have to physically look for them and fight them to come to me. It is like little pixies have spread their fairy dust on the children, enchanting them... Mac is such a sweet boy. Really, THE sweetest child you will ever meet. He is so obedient and a delight to be around. He and the boys played together almost every day we were in NC. Mac is a year younger than Adam, yet even taller. He LOVED holding Caitlin and begged to hold her longer. Mac is 3 and the boy can SWIM! Amazing!

Adam declared the girls his sisters. Tim always talks about how well spoken these girls are. Dartmoth, Harvard, Princeton, Baylor (okay Auburn too) these are your future students! They played with the boys and ooed and ahhhed over Caitlin every second we were with them in Alabama. Lillian even got pooped on. There are pictures to prove it. Ansley let Caitlin sleep on her bed. There is no doubt that these girls will make incredible mothers one day. Martha helped me a lot. O how I love each of these girls!

Dear cousins, we miss you! and we love you!

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Atkinson said...

hey are too sweet about mac. if only you came a couple weeks later...he is definitely not as "sweet" as you call it:) we sure miss you and the boys...m asks about them a lot. yes--cousins(and sister-in-laws)rock!!