Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Tim took Adam to the ER this morning. Please pray for him. He wasn't breathing very well. This is how its gone down at our house since last week... Beginning last thursday, Ryan had a fever. I ended up taking him to the dr. friday morning and it is some kind of virus. Saturday Adam comes down with a fever. Both boys have sore throats (not strep, ryan was tested). Ryan has a bad cough. They were still sick monday. Tuesday I thought they were a little better. Adam lost his voice and began the cough. His cough is a little different than Ryans. It sounds different. At about 4 something in the morning adam starts this strange cough. it is one cough at a time and a few seconds apart and isn't breathing in between. I was sleeping with Ryan and was annoyed because I had been coughed on and at all night long. so I say, GET IT ALL OUT and QUIT COUGHING. (Yes I am a jerk.) Tim who never wakes up for anything, comes in grabs Adam and took him to the kitchen and boiled some water and let the steam clear Adam up a bit. When I registered what was happening I put Adam's shoes on and told Tim to go to the ER.
To which Adam replies, "I want Ryan to go." I thought, that is sweet. he wants his brother with him.
"O adam he is sleeping he can't go with you right now."
"No I don't want him to go with me, I want him to go and I will stay here."
................ok tim just called. Adam has the croup. they gave him steroid shots and Motrin and a breathing treatment..............................


Lindsay said...

aw, so sorry mm! we will be praying for yall!

Amy Sasser said...

Praying for His healing, His peace and rest that can only come from Him. You are a great mom!

Kristen said...

oh no! monday things seemed so much better! nate even said, 'they sure don't look sick' as we left. he also, by the way, said, 'I hope our baby looks just like Ms. Mary Mac's baby.' :) Hope all are well soon!

Teresa said...

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