Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mimi is on her way!

We are so excited.... beside ourselves with excitement!!!! She flies in at 10:50 and will probably need a nap. It is going to be hard to give her time to recover from her flight :) Thankfully the boys will be in school. I am so happy I think I could cry!
Gary- Pops- Geezer- Thank you for sharing your wife with us for these two weeks! Our only regret is you aren't here with her!!!
baby update: there is nothing to update on. caitlin is still scheduled for an induction.
Meanwhile, Caitlin Guy in NC had her precious baby girl yesteday. That is right folks, Tim has a former student with a daughter older than ours :) Congrats to the Nelson and Guy families!

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Becky said...

GOOD LUCK bringing baby girl into the world. You will do great- can't wait to see pictures :) Praying for you, roomie.