Friday, March 4, 2011

Caity Jo is home!

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Our lil Caitlin is snug as a bug right now. It feels so good to be home. I just knew that I would want to stay in the hospital as long as I could, but I man I was wrong. We were so ready to come home. It was hard to be away from the boys. It was hard knowing that Mimi was finally in town and we were missing out! It was hard to be interrupted for medical reasons every 20 minutes. We are tired and thankful to be together, all five of us.
When I got home it was so wonderful to have my boys in my arms. Here are some things that were said as the boys observed Caitlin...
Adam saw her belly button and said, "her wiener is gross."
Ryan saw me about to carry her to the front and he wanted me to run with him WITHOUT her and he said, "Let him walk."
Ryan wanted to hold Caitlin while he watched a movie. I let him hold her for awhile but then she got fussy. He was upset when I told him it was my turn to which he responded in several persistant whines, "It's my turn." "Give THAT to me. Hmph."
"I hold dat baby."
"I hold him. Hmph."
and so on and so forth. Caitlin was referred to as him, it, that, and baby.

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