Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A First...

For years I have looked forward to the time I could take the boys hiking without carrying them the entire way. Sunday was our day. Tim was studying, Ryan wasn't napping, and Adam had loads of energy. So we headed to Cameron Park to hit the trails.
All the way there Adam whined, "I don't want to hike.I don't like hiking." I was disappointed but quickly remembered that he had never been and had no idea what he was talking about.
About a minute into the trail Ryan was slaying dragons with a fabulous sword (stick) and Adam was finding all sorts of cool leaves, rocks, snail shells. Eventually we made our way along the river (this is the flat section of the trail where these pictures were taken.) Adam threw several rocks along the bank of the river and Ryan found many a dragon caves (gaps among branches).
The best part was when these girls were running towards us and Adam took off running away from them as if they were chasing us. Then a man jogger trailed behind and Adam yelled, "ah a dangerous man, RUN!"

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Katie said...

My abs hurt from laughing at what Adam said!! What did the man do upon hearing this? I wish we could go with you.... Maybe when Leah gets her new heart she will have enough energy to do an outing like that.... For now I will remain your dear friend

Green with envi,