Monday, January 24, 2011


It is important to know that when Adam was one he went down a slide and slid right off the thing and had a traumatic ending, one he never forgot. Since, the boy has hardly gone down a slide since (without extreme coaxing and riding in my lap). One day recently I took the boys to a small playground near Baylor to let them burn some energy before we picked up Tim at school. Adam stayed on one platform of the playground while Ryan explored the rest. Quickly Adam saw Ryan was safe and followed, leading him to the slide. For awhile I had to hold Adam's hands while he went down. but eventually he took initiative and went down by himself. I was so proud and as you can see in the picture he was to. VICTORY for Adam!
I also have to say that I think it helps that Adam goes to school and witnesses/experiences what other kids do on the playground. Another reason i am glad we sent him to preschool this year.

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Holly said...

That is a seriously touching story and cute picture of the boys! WOO WOO Adam!