Monday, November 1, 2010

One year ago...

I cannot believe how fast the boys are growing. I cannot believe that katie Welty had another child (number three) during this time span. I cannot imagine having three children- which doesn't matter because we already are having a third. This picture was taken a few weeks prior to Ryan's first birthday. Today, a year later, we went to the dr for his 2 year check up. He was 40th% for height and 80th% for weight. When Adam turned 2 I believe he was 20th% for h. and 75th% for w. I've been noticing that Ryan fits perfectly in 2T pants- (while Adam wore them until he was older than three).
Our first Halloween here in Texas, was just days after Ryan was born. Adam wore a Spiderman costume and played outside for a couple of hours with the neighborhood kids. He was in heaven. Since then, we have kind of done the same thing each year. The boys don their costumes in the afternoon and play outside and we trick or treat with the neighbors around the apartments. This year Ryan wore the spiderman costume. And Adam wore a dog costume. They liked playing outside with the neighbors in their costumes the best of all. Our neighbors took pictures. So hopefully I can get some of them to post.

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