Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 5 Thankful For...

Stories. Whether in film, a book, a magazine, or the telling of a friend. The art of story telling is a beautiful gift. Tonight, I am concentrating my thankfulness on stories told in literature. Of course we all have different taste. I am a sucker for feel good stories. Books that inspire and offer hope. Jan Karon's Mitford Series. Gilead. Pride and Prejudice. George Macdonald. CS Lewis. But it is not just the story alone. It is the experience. I am so thankful for is the opportunity to read in the quiet with a hot drink snuggled with pillows and blankets. (In the summer it is a smoothie or a glass of milk and Oreos). I just read recently a story about Abe Lincoln and how he had to borrow a book if he wanted ONE. I have so many available to me and for this I am so thankful.
Tim's grandmother, Bee had such a love for literature. She passed that on to her daughter, my mother in law, Janet (Mimi). And now I get to benefit from their long lists of beautiful literature.

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