Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day 25... Thankful for...

David and Mishka


Alina's beautiful table

The food... YUM!
Today I am thankful for several things. Tradition being one. beginning with watching the Macy's parade. Cooking with an apron. Football. Cooking some more and some more. Then being with friends or family or both. The same food every year, once a year. The special thanksgiving prayer. The nap after the meal. The desserts. Then Tim and I's specific tradition that began our first thanksgiving together at the beach, the viewing of It's a Wonderful Life in the evening. It is on right now...
We had such a wonderful thanksgiving. We spent the day with the Beary's. David is in school with Tim. Alina is in the philosophy program. Mishka studies squirrels I guess. Mishka is their dog who Adam LOVES. Adam and Ryan played in their office and watched movies. They were so good and had so much fun.
O the food. There was so much and it was so good. Alina recommended that we make Pioneer Woman's stuffing and it was amazing. Fabulous. I whined about making it because it was tradition but man I ate all of my words. It was awesome. Alina made fresh cranberry sauce and turkey, potato casserole, green bean casserole. We also had rolls, gravy, Janets sweet potato casserole, and broccoli casserole (no onions, that was an accident, to Tim's dismay- my bad.)
David read Psalm 138 and then prayed for the meal. We ate and talked for a long time. Adam ate lots of turkey and rolls. Then we all laid down and watched the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe with the boys. I realized that we forgot the diaper bag, so I had to run home.
Tim and David took Mishka for a walk. when they got back we sat down for dessert and hot tea. Alina made the BEST apple pie I have ever tasted. I made pumpkin pie. I got advice from Kristen Polk about how to make it according to the cans directions. But after I was mixing all the ingredients I realized I used the wrong milk. It called for evaporated milk. I used condensed. The pie turned out well and I was relieved.
Basically there was lots of talking and laughter and food and joy.
HAPPY THANKSGIVING! What did you do? What are your traditions.


Elizabeth M. Atkinson, LPC said...

What a great looking feast and Family!

Alina said...

Man, I am soooo glad we could do this! You guys are the best! And I'd have you know that when we went inside after seeing you off, Mishka got on her bed, grabbed all her toys, pulled them close to her, and gave this big satisfied sigh - such a silly dog! :))