Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 13 Thankful for...

(I am copying a friend because there is just no better way to say it) I am thankful for beautiful messes. Adam, Aiden and Ryan were so happy playing in the mud. As anxious as it made me to think about our recently cleaned carpets, or just scrubbed bathtubs, or how much work it would be to clean the children and their mess, I couldn't resist the joy it would bring the boys. Everything was going fine until I heard Ryan gagging on the mud. I am not sure what happened. did he volunteerly put a chunk of mud in his mouth? Did Adam coax him into it? I don't know but I do know it was GROSS.
It is a beautiful thing to see the boys so happy.

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Between Here and There said...

I will NEVER allow my boys to do this. They should get it out of their system before the precious dainty girl comes along. No messes allowed!