Friday, July 23, 2010


Adam is doing so well! Thank you for your prayers and calls and encouragement! Adam is talking much better today. He has an average of two popscicles an hour. ok maybe that isn't true. But it is a lot. He is eating jello, mashed potatoes, milkshakes, applesauce and yogurt. Yesterday he played with play doh for 6 hours and cried when we wouldn't let him sleep with it. (It was yellow- his favorite).
Ryan has been playing with a punching ball non-stop.
Tim is still not sleeping well and awaiting the results from his sleep study which will say, "This man does not sleep well."
I am 8 weeks prego today and feeling it :)


Atkinson said...

so glad that adam is feeling well today and eating such a yummy diet! hope you are able to rest a little:) and that you start feeling better!!!!

Kristin said...

We have been thinking about Adam! We are very excited for your growing family!

Windot said...

congratulations on the pregnancy!!! how exciting!!!

Bethany said...

So glad to hear that Adam is feeling better. Congrats on your pregnancy!!!! Good thing I check your blog! Can't wait to come and give your belly a hug! We miss you.

Renata said...

I haven't been following (or writing) blogs very much lately. I almost missed your announcement!
Congratulations! You are catching up ;-)