Monday, July 26, 2010

Ay yi yi

yes folks. you have seen it here. ryan crying.

The boys get really needy as soon as the phone rings or when a visitor comes by. After dinner a neighbor came by to talk, and Ryan screamed and threw his body around the whole time. As soon as she left he was fine. What a little monster! If I am sitting on the couch and Adam sits on my lap, Ryan freaks out and tries to squeeze between Adam and me. But at the same time, no one gives better hugs than Ry-guy.
As for Adam... Adam has the attitude of a teenager. Faces, back talk, refusing to obey, EYE ROLLING- not yet. I now have a theory that there isn't a whole lot of difference between a three/four year old and a teenager. The things that come out of this childs mouth are shocking.
But both are still and will always be my darlings.

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BG said...

Oh we are SO there with the telephone!!! :)