Thursday, July 1, 2010

Robot Making Party


nice bot (get it? instead of nice bod)


(0ther friends took pictures that I can't wait to post of the party. I didn't have my camera out and ready until adam was going to bed and wanted to sleep with his bot, so that is why I have a picture of him.)
Here is the story:
We had a Robot Making Party, thurs. 6:30pm in the courtyard.
everyone brought out their boxes, crafts, cans, etc,,, anything they had saved to make their robot. A friend, Joy, came over the night before and made robot cupcakes for the party. Then she came back over tonight and helped the kids make things like glasses out of pipe cleaners for the robots. What can I say she is a talented woman.
one of the dads works for the Mars candy company here in Waco so he gave these HUGE rolls of candy wrappers that will silver and shiny on the inside and another mom, Lauren Freeman started cutting it up and making robot outfits for the kids. It was incredible. The kids made the most amazing robots. They were so creative and all so very different. I can't wait to put the pictures up that Joy and Lauren took. We had so many cupcakes i think I saw one kid eat seven. Hopefully his mom doesn't blog or read blogs :)

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Lauren said...

I am horrible! I only got 2 pictures at the party and 1 of Caleb after we got home. I posted them all to my blog. Let me know if you want me to email you copies of the measly 3 that I got. I'm sorry! I got really into helping Caleb make a robot and stopped taking pictures pretty quickly.