Thursday, July 1, 2010

Amy Bryson

I grew up with Amy, only her name was Amy Ross then. Amy and Katie (her twin sister who is now in africa with her husband doing peace cor.)lived down the street from me. We ended up going to different high schools but thankfully the story doesn't end there. Amy and I were roommates at App State. She ended up marrying this amazing guy- Donald Bryson and they now live outside of Raleigh.
Amy didn't know the Lord in college. But the girl is on fire now. Just recently she told me about knowing scripture and the importance! She told me a story about a professor at unc who is notorious for his NT class. In the beginning of the semester he asks the all the students to "raise their hands if they are a believer."
several raise their hands.
"keep your hand up if you believe the bible is truth."
hands stay up.
And then he says, "now how many of you have read the bible in it's entirety? "
Everyone's hands go down.
And then he comments how all these people believe it to be true and don't even know what it says and if they believed it to be true shouldn't their lives look a lot different.
(now this man is not a believer and his goal is different than mosts, but you get the gist.)
So 2 things,
1) it is amazing that AMY is the one who was having this conversation with me. This is the same girl that I went with to a franklin graham event 10 years ago and she said she wasn't ready to believe in Jesus. She is incredible and I am so blessed by her!
2) I have joined this a website for free where everyday you can go to it and read the entire bible in a year. They sale bibles that are organized to read in a year, or you can get the reading plan off the internet. Go read your Bibles- thus saith Amster

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