Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Boys and Crafts

I try to do crafts and coloring with the boys and this is what it turns into... crayons everywhere. used in everyway except to color. I found Ryan stuffing crayons between doors, in a hole in one of our chairs and even in his mouth. Adam spent the whole time talking and tearing the paper off the crayons. I took a picture of the paper to show you they lack color because the boys refused to color the pictures.
While yesterday the boys were hyper, today they are fussy and tired. I might pull an old lady in the shoe move and put them to bed. Ryan is naked and is grunting while throwing trains across the house with all his might.

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Atkinson said...

everytime i read about those boys i just will be mass chaos when we get all three together. btw, when is that happening???