Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jury you can decide

I put things in different places everytime I use them. Tim puts them in the same spot everytime. There are three problems that occur as a result of two people using different methods. Sometimes he decides where he will put something and forgets to communicate where the 'right' place is. Secondly, I will pull something out and lay it out intending to use it. Tim will walk by, see it out and put it away. I will frantically look for it, frustrated that I lose everything. And third, we can find anything when we need it. Clearly this is all Tim's fault...
Right now I cannnot for the life of my find the cord to put new pics on the blog. So there will be a delay.


Kathleen said...

Just be happy that he puts things away at all---'nuff said!

Kathleen said...

I can't get your e-mail address to come up---here are a few ideas---
treat bag cover---you don't have to stamp it--

treat box

pop top can

sour cream container--I love this---I made these for all the teachers at TAR last year (maybe the year before---it all runs together)

If none of these do it for you, just look thru the tutorials here on Splitcoastampers---there are tons of ideas here--I hope this helps! I hope these become links when they show up on your blog---hugs, Mary Mack---I love reading your blog--I feel like I get to keep up with you this way!


Priscilla said...

It will be alright! Just think there could be worse things. Maybe he could rub off on you then you can come rub off on me, cause I'm a mess!

T said...

Yeah! What they said.