Friday, February 19, 2010

Beer me some Advice

So Mimi and I were chatting away this afternoon and she reminded me of something special her and her friends did at Adam's baby shower- everyone wrote down a piece of baby advice on a slip of paper. I still have them.
In celebration of baby Wes Welty, everyone post your fave baby advice.
Your fave baby items. Fave gifts. Most needed things for a baby. Add advice on multiple kids too.

Mimi I thought yours was great but I won't take the credit for it. I want you to have it up here with your name on it :)


Mary Mac said...

ok I'll start.
I love a good stroller. (we all know katie does)
My fave gifts have ended up being our books. It will be hard for me when I have to go through our books.
hmmm my fave baby advice... see mimi's advice when she post it.

Gary Brookins said...

I loved the perfect diaper bag. It needs to look good but be practical too. I spent some time picking out the right one for me and some time later for my grandsons!
My best advice is always "Sleep when the baby sleeps!" Naptime/resttimw was my lifesaver with several little one at home. It was just the break I needed to get through the rest of the day and suppertime/bathtime/bedtime. Enjoy those baby day-they are precious. Love, Janet better known today as Mimi