Thursday, September 17, 2009


Maybe I should have a show called my two katies? All these rainy days have forced us to be creative. I had some errands this morning so we threw in a trip to the mall with friends. Adam was soaking wet in sweat after playing. He was wearing a dirty shirt and a bathing suit and Ryan was wearing clothes that were too big because literally all of their clothes were dirty. I kept forgetting to get quarters for laundry. Which by the way you can't get just anywhere anymore. Banks are charging stores for their quarters now, so the stores quit giving away their quarters. So now I have to go directly to the bank for them and I just forget.
Ryan is going to be walking any day now. Tonight he stood up and drank a sippy cup. He also stood up with a ball several times and took a step or two. He is getting more sturdy.

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