Wednesday, September 16, 2009


At mops we have been discussing a book about applying the meyers briggs personality test to parenting. It is so fascinating. For example, she asked mom's "what do you like about your van right now?" One mom who is an extravert says she loves her van because she can squeeze a lot of people into it. Another said she likes it because she can take seats out and limit the number of people in it, introvert. Ironically, a very extraverted mom confessed that she likes the van because her son, who talks incessantly, sits in the way back and she can't hear him!

Tim and I can't figure out if he is a an S or an N (sensing or intuition). I think he is an INTJ. What are you?


T said...

Adam is an SWEB--a Syrup, Waffles, Eggs, and Bacon personality.

Gary Brookins said...

You are right on about Adam :)

Elizabeth said...

Am I an introvert?