Monday, August 10, 2009

We met some friends at the museum this morning and Adam was WIDE open the whole time. The boy went wild. During the fourth hour there he slowed down and was basically a zombie. It didn't take much convincing to get him to take a nap. There are more pictures from goldren corral. Adam loves to put food on his face, and mommys.
Tomorrow (tuesday) is our first mops for the year. I am the moppets coordinator and will be working with the kiddos this year at the alliance mops. Pray for us as we love on this kids.
Pray for Tim because he has a 25 page paper due wednesday and for the same class a 15 page take home test also due wednesday.
The early bird catches the worm, and let me tell you this early bird caught a big worm! This morning I went out for a run and lo and behold there was a huge dresser outside by the dump. The same one our tv is NOW sitting on. BEAUTIFUL! It looks better than ever in the brookins household. pictures coming soon.


Atkinson said...

that is awesome that you found a dresser..AND you were out running in the texas heat! i am so proud...can't wait to see pics..(i mean of the dresser)-but you can send me pics of you running too if you want!

Kim M. said...

Ryan's hair is fabulous in this top picture. Love it!