Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bread Pudd'n

Tim got his bread pudding last week and is going dessert free the next few weeks. He is looking good with his p90x.

Ryan is a wild man and this picture proves it with his crazy looking hair. It reminds me of spencer lovelace. I cannot believe he is in med school. Actually, I can. But when I think of him all I see is that baby with cute spikey hair. I have this theory that a person will always be way they were when you met them- physically. So I met cousin Spence when he was a baby and forever in my head I will see that spikey haired baby.

At church today a friend gave me a loaf of banana bread. To me this was the mark of true friendship. She had an extra loaf, thought of us, brought it to church and gave it to us... I really almost cried when she gave it to us. We have been here a year and lots of friends. But something stood out in that moment like we really meant something to them. And of course it really means something to us, because we love this family.

Pray for Tim as he recieves two doses/month for his allergies. Pray for his school. He finishes class wednesday and starts again in a couple of weeks. Pray specifically that he would be able to discern what exactly to do his dissertation on.

Pray for Ry-guy. He is teething. Pray for his safety. He seems to get in more trouble than Adam has gotten into his entire life. Pray for my to be alert and aware of Ryan and his surroundings.

Pray for Adam as he is learning right from wrong and making big boy decisions. like "should I hit my brother or share this toy?"

Pray for mommy to have wisdom and PEACE and joy during this season of life.

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Mimi said...

Cute, cute, cute! I like Ryan's hair-it's very cool! And so is Daddy's :) Love you. Mimi