Monday, April 13, 2009

sweet sleeper

We had about 14 kids tonight at Bible Study. They played hide and go seek for most of the time. Gabe, one of the guys who helps me out, spoke. He did a great job. I really appreciate his help. Almost all the families will be gone from here as of August 1st. Actually that is when the last family is moving. They have all just found other places to rent. I am going to miss those boogers. Speaking of boogers... today I was at a store checking out and Adam was sitting in his stroller and all of the sudden he says, "mommy, I got those boogers. I got a booger, mommy...." over and over again. I tried to pull off that he was saying burger but it was just way to obvious. Ryan has his first cold and has had it for about a week. I wish you could have seen us the first night he had it. We went in to check on him and we could just barely hear a sniffle. We got out the vicks baby rub, the humidifier, I slept with him... we did everything to minimize suffering for the child- so much in fact he probably lost more sleep from us poking at him :)


Atkinson said...

what a sweetie...hope he is feeling better:)

Elizabeth said...

i'm stealing these for my facebook! itching to get my hands on him.....& Adam.