Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It is getting hot in here

I cannot descibe how terrible my 'shows' have been this week. I officially quit watching Brothers and Sisters after this passed sunday. and I am totally through with the Bachelor. It is actually liberating to have two less shows to watch. Enough on this trash, lets get to the treasures... the boys. Ryan is huge. I am not sure if I mentioned this but Ryan went to the dr for his four month visit. he weighs 17.7 pounds! Adam is starting to tell me not to feed Ryan and to put him night night any time he is not night night. Adam and I and daddy spend endless hours playing trains. We are insanely jealous of all the snow that has been dumped on the east coast as our temperature goes up to a 80 degrees this week. Also did I mention that on our last visit to the museum there was an entire section that we had never seen/noticed before! How embarrassing! Do you know that the largest group of Wooly Mammoths were discovered here in waco. Another reason to put Waco on the map!

Last nights Bible Study went ok. The guys that usually help didn't make it over and the kids were very talkative. Reincarnation seems to come up each time we meet. In fact one of the kids insisted that when his uncle died that he came back in the form of a bug that followed his aunt around for weeks. I wonder if he saw Walle recently?

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Michael Estes said...

Mary Mac,

How are you guys? I tried to call y'all yesterday. Julie and I miss y'all. What is this Bible study that you are taking part in? Sounds interesting. Ryan is a big boy...so is Lorelei (well she's a girl...I mean that she is big like Ryan). She just had her six month appointment and she weighs almost 17 lbs. Jackson is a mess. He loves his sister, sometimes too much. He has learned all his letters and can count to 15. It is unbelievable to think about how much the boys have grown up. I see that Tim is rockin' the goatee. Hopefully, we can all talk soon. Did y'all have skype?