Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring Break

It is spring break for Baylor and all of Waco's public and private schools. People are everywhere. The shuttle doesn't run during the breaks so yesterday we took Tim to school. As I was pulling away from the library I heard a loud thud. It was Tim trying to get my attention. He wanted to spend the morning with us! Yay! We went on a walk around campus and then to the museum. He came home with us to eat lunch. We had such a good time together. Then he left for school. The boys and I took naps and then we went on a long walk with a stop at a park where we met two hilarious girls, Tierra and Nya. They are cousins, both six, and the girls had me rolling. I hope we run into them again!
Last night I went to bible study with a neat group of women. I will have to get some pictures. We are doing Beth Moore's study on Esther. Tim studies at night and the boys are sleeping so it is a good time for me to get out and do stuff. I probbably should clean my house a little more during tha time... eek!

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Atkinson said...

glad you all were able to spend some time together...what a treat! i see that bob and larry made their way to the park:)