Monday, February 16, 2009

Our first monday back...

Miss Katie brought Lillian and Jack over this morning. Ryan and Jack played for awhile on the floor together. They are two weeks apart in age. We went for a walk in the surprisingly chilly weather this morning. We are very thankful for the Welty family! Adam still pretends to be Elsie. He even has a golf ball to inspire his play.
So Friday night we had paula deens shrimp and grits. they were amazing. try the recipe! just google paula deens shrimp and grits. AMAZING!!!
Tonight we had bible study at our place. 8 kids were here and they were rowdy tonight. They didn't have school today so I think they were letting out all their energy out during their short visit here! yay for us :) They are so much fun and at the same time hurting so much on the inside.

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