Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lost and FOUND

My wallet has been missing since the big game Saturday evening. I immediately had all my cards canceled. Today a girl from the Ferrel Center (bball gym) called to say my wallet was in the lost and found. I still have a NC license so she had a hard time finding my number. But get this, she saw my Drs card in my wallet and on the back was a woman's number who I met at the McDonalds playground in november. The girl just happened to know the woman so she called her to ask for my number! What a small world, eh?
And to make things great I went to the store tonight, got to the check out line only to realize that all my cards have been cancelled. Thank the Lord for gift cards. Thank you to all of you too!
The boys and I hung out at home on this cloudy day. We did make it to the library close to five and rented some Veggie Tales DVDs. But Adam got TV brain and was in tears for awhile. TV brain is my new term for him when he gets 'difficult' after watching tv; normally this occurs if he watches TV in the morning. Tonight was just one of those nights.

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Renata said...

TV Brain! I love it!