Thursday, February 5, 2009

Me and My Peeps

We are having a great time in the boro! Tomorrow we head to Lynchburg to see Uncle John at college and then to Richmond to see Mimi and Pops. Today E and Chippy took Adam to the children's musuem downtown. Charlie met me at Elizabeth's Pizza for lunch. We had a great time. He is really such a "jolly" guy. He is probably one of the funniest people I know. Top funniest people: Tim, Charlie. Steve Correll. Tina Fey.

Adam and Ryno are definitely missing daddy. Tim has mailed us letters everyday! Adam lights up each time.


Kristin said...

Ryan looks A LOT like Chip! Sara said this the other night and now I definitely see the great to see you all!

Guy Andrews said...

Mary Mac, great see you last Friday. Thanks for help on my blog spot. The girl I spoke to you about that goes to Baylor is named Kristen Ralls. She may be a junior or senior. Her younger sister, Kaitlyn is a friend of my daughter Stacey's.(my oldest daughter.) Stay in touch and let me hear about your thoughts on Word Works. My email is I will be reviewing Romans 12 some this week. your friend, Guy