Thursday, February 12, 2009

Back to life

Ryan and Aunt Nicki
back to reality. The day of the flights back to texas went much smoother. I learned from our first experience. Pray. Minimize baggage. Have a bijorn. Pray. Take a minimum of 500 stickers. Multiple binkies. and more prayers. It did get bumby up there in the great blue. About twenty minutes before we landed in Texas Adam threw up. I dinged for the flight attendant hoping for some help. I explained what happened and she said and I quote, "I don't know what to do." She sat back down. I handed Ryan over to the cute girls across the aisle and tackled the problem the best I could. Is anyone else disturbed that the flight attendant didn't offer antibacterial soap? Adam could not wait to see Daddy. Neither could Mommy :) Ryan just smiled the whole time. Everything is exciting for him. So we see Tim for the first time in two weeks. He was looking mighty fine with his curly hair, roses for me and presents for both of the boys. We went straight to McDonalds where Tim and Adam had some father son time on the playground. The past two days have been great. We went to mops wednesday and to a park today with friends. Friday morning we are going to the fireman park with the Garner boys (Daniel and Noah). Friday night is the first state dinner party. We are hosting, making it "The taste of the Carolinas" Shrimp and Grits. Everyone is required by "state" law to bring a carolina item.
A special thank you to all our family for our visit to the east side. We had the most wonderful time. It meant so much to have you all love on my boys and me. Refreshing is a word. I will never forget that visit. The only thing bad about that trip was Tim wasn't there. and getting back on the plane.
(more pictures of the visit to be posted soon)

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Atkinson said...

so glad that you made it back home sorry about adam..yuck! we miss you!