Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just a day in the park?

Today I HAD to go to the store. As soon as the boys were fed and dressed we were out the door. Normally I try to go without them but an empty pantry and fridge leaves us no choice. While out Adam got his third bloody nose in a 24 hour period. Being the smart one that I am, I left the wipes in the car!Ugh. We had to empty the cart real fast and run out to the car and clean Adam up, all with Ryan in tote. Note: the nose began bleeding again as soon as we were buckled and back on the road... Double ugh!
Adam sometimes does work out videos with me. He is really getting some moves down. Today he tackled running in place and jumping jacks. He also has some pretty stellar yoga moves.
After nap time we made way to the park where adam spent most of his time sitting beside me eating cheese its while I talked to kristen. Meanwhile Kristen's daredevil son is climbing up slides and hanging off the highest parts- scaring both kristen and me to death.
no pics. my bad. I forgot the camera.

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T said...

Where was Dad in all of this? Typical.