Monday, February 23, 2009


much better pic of adam then mommy
tubby McChubbers

Today Adam and I spring cleaned the kitchen cabinets. He helped me pull everything out. He found a pack of candles that were supposed to go on his birthday cake at his birthday party that we never had. They were car candles. He carried the package around all day saying, "mommy, pay for it?" Because I always tell him he can't open something until we pay for it. Also a few days ago Adam and I were in the car and Adam said, "Remember Mac mommy? member Mac" over and over again. Yes I remember Mac. and I miss that crazy lil man!

Tonight we had our third Bible study. We started out with a game of musical diaper. I put melted chocolate in some diapers and the kids passed them. Whoever is holding it when the music stops has to eat what is in the diaper. Disgusting, but these are middle school kids we are talking about. They loved it. We did the first part of the roman road- Romans 3:23 and 6:23a The kids said they want to try not to sin this week. So we spent some time defining sin biblically so they knew what they were up against. At this point the kids start confessing "I stole a pencil, that isn't sin. Is it?" So then we briefly mentioned lust and literally said picturing someone naked is sin. Imediately this one kid shoots his hand up. Gabe, the other leader, and I just look at each other in fear. We both say, "You don't have to tell us!" and the kid insists. I am feeling really awkward at this point and he says, "I stepped on an ant before I walked in." Close call. When it was time to go one kid lingered, CJ. He couldn't believe what we were saying. "No one has told me this stuff before. So you are telling me... and he went into what we talked about. We shared the rest of the roman road with him and he couldn't believe Jesus died for him. Pray for CJ and the other children. They are hungry for Jesus.

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Atkinson said...

we miss you guys too!! if mac could say "adam" i know he would:) he plays with his mcqueen car all the time..thanks for the insight adam!!