Sunday, December 8, 2013

November in a nutshell

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

This boy

This boy is getting big. He lost his front tooth and is cute as ever. He loves crystals. Thanks to his magical teacher everyday he says "I love school". This boy prays in his head so he says. He is a friend to all. This boy loves video games and Lego. He is my little man. Thisb

This girl

This girl makes everyone call her Cinderella. She is jealous the boys get to go to school and tries to sneak into Ryan's class when he goes. She is on a 4 dress rotation. But the Cinderella dress ends up trumping all. This girl is our very own princess. 

This guy

This guy in pre k. He is loving it. His teacher is ah-mazing. He is learning new things, making new friends and wants to be a ninja when he grows up. This guy is our warrior. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Treasure walk

Do you ever check your pockets at night to find treasures from the day? Adam likes us to go on walks; we can find all sorts of treasures. His favorite treasures are seeds. He will bring them home and plant them somewhere in the yard. Ryan is not a fan of such walks but is easily distracted. Caitlin will always last longer than I think she will but then she always ends up in my arms. 


Today the boys and girl are painting boxes. If you look closely Adam is painting captain underpants on the box- quality reading over here
We are laughing a lot a lot around here.

New facts about me that you might not know: 
i have really been craving figs as of late. I are some last night.
. I am gluten free and doing poorly at it. I miss pizza something awful. However gluten  free brownies are amazing.
I love kombucha but whole foods quit selling my favorite brand  
I am the young adults (18-30 year olds) leader at church. 
I am battling myself about putting political comments on fb constantly. Thankfully none have posted. 
Shoot, the kids just painted their bodies while I was writing this post 

Blue man group

This is what happened while I was blogging.
If you have seen arrested development, you know what I am thinking