Monday, March 25, 2013

My Boys, my blessings

Sunday afternoon I had a basketball tournament that i needed to be at. The young adults at church were hosting the event. I decided that morning I would bring the boys with me and possibly help serve drinks or something.

I remember loving when my youth pastor or any leader brought kids and thought I would take a chance and bring the boys.

Tim stayed home with Caitlin. She napped and he cut the grass with out pitiful yet present law mower. He did a great job.

I had to force Ryno to come. Adam was easy to convince. The boys drew pictures, played with chalk, played with another six year old who happened to be there-Ryan declared him one of his besties AnD spent a better part of the day digging a hole! They were so good and so cute.

Sometimes (most of the time) it is so hard to get what I want to get done the way i want to do it. however gods way is WAy better. They are a blessing all the time. I am blessed by them. Praise God for their awesome hearts and spirits.