Sunday, July 1, 2012

Jesus Loves the Little Children

Here is a little insight on my journey of what the Lord is teaching me.
For awhile, I would hear "Jesus loves the little children" and be a little annoyed by this children's tune. It pains me to admit that during this phase I even told myself that it was cheesy to say "Jesus loves you".  As if I was past god's love. That I had such a deep relationship with God, that these words were too surfacey for me.
THAT DOESN'T EVEN MAKE SINCE! and eventually I knew something was wrong.
I started praying that when I heard someone say, "God loves you" or "jesus Loves you" that I would be moved. That it would resignate with in me.
So I kept doing the actions-bible study reading the bible praying. Then someone recommended Heaven is For Real and Crazy Love.
The Lord used the books to rock my world. My eyes were opened.
 Jesus REALLY loves children. Every precious life ever conceived. Now when I see a child, even a stranger, I am so moved by the Lord's love for him or her I am bursting with a renewed love and grow daily in this love...
Our youngest, Caitlin still wakes up in the night. And at times it has driven us to times of insanity, but not so much anymore. Now I know a tad about how precious life is. How precious and how quick every moment is. She is our precious Caiti-bug and I will go in her room and rock her. I will hold her and whisper to her, "Do you know how precious you are to Jesus? To the king of kings? His name is above all names. and he brought you into this world."
 Then it (my new love for love) grew to not just children but to everyone. Which has become... overwhelming. O God, WHY! Why do you love me? Why do you love the simple farmer in Peru who has no worldly value? Why do you love the homeless? The addicts? Why do you love the real housewives of the OC who'd spend 25000 on sunglasses? Why do you love me when you know I yell at my young kids!?! Why do you love us!
HE loves us. It is true. You need to know it too, He loves you. Jesus christ loves you. And if this sounds cheesy or it isn't resignating in you, then I pray that what happened to me, will happen to you. May you be MOVED by the Love of God who gave his only son to die for you so that you may have eaternal life. Let the Love of Jesus wash of you and transform you.
and on the issue of the preciousness of life please read this miracle story and pray for this amazing family. God Loves Precious Nora.

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Beth said...

Thanks, MM! I'm joyfully swimming right now in the fact that God has played all of "his cards" and there is nothing we can do to "become righteous" other than completely surrender to His love and truth! What would life look like if I lived truly believing this each and everyday? Embracing those middle-of-the-night moments is a good start!