Monday, April 2, 2012

The Perfect Fit

 A friend of ours had kids out grow this art table and Adam has been glued to it ever since. no seriously, gorilla glue is awesome. actually when I was in ninth grade Koko super glued Martha Worths desk to the floor in Mrs. May's english class. it was probably one of my funniest memories of high school.
 Meet our Ryan's Chloe. She is 4. She is adorable. A genious. And the girl can talk and says and asks the funniest questions. We got to have a her for a few days this past week. It was soooo fun. The kids are still recovering.

Chloe even got to spend the night.
Her brother is Cooper. If you have been following on facebook, he is the one with meningitus in the hospital right now. Please say a prayer for him. His family is precious. Vanessa and I met at the Y and were instant friends. She and I had all these plans for the next three months. But then Cooper got sick. It is totally a God thing that we met. I am so glad to have met this family and have them in our lives. I pray that Cooper will recover fast. And that Vanessa and Craig will get the rest they need to recover also.

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