Thursday, April 26, 2012

His Love Endures Forever

Psalm 136. I have to admit I can get annoyed, easily, by praise bands that sing the same thing over and over and over again. If they start singing "I could sing of your love Forever" you could probably see my jaw clench or the rolling of my eyes.So if you are like me, bare with me through this 'revelation' as simple as it may be.
Today as I read Psalm 136 I saw something I hadn't noticed before.
Here are the things that led up to it: The counselor- my mom, always says that if someone says something three times or more, it is code for perk up, pay attention and remember this. Then you take the professor, my husband and you look at it in context historically blah blah blah. I, the student, am trying to pay attention to what God is teaching me. What he is doing in my life, to become like a child...
Basically, I read it and thought 'how marvelously simple this is." It states a fact about God. Followed by  "His love endures forever".
Awesome Fact. Love endures forever.
 Awesome Fact. Love endures forever... so on and so forth.
What is the point of this? To tell us HIS LOVE ENDURES forever. And when we can regularly think on these things, such as the sun governing the day, we will then remember his love endures forever. When we are challenged by other 'gods' and remember that He is God of gods, we remember his love endures forever. Why do we give thanks? Because his love endures forever.
May you grow in the knowledge and depth of insight of how deep and how wide his love for you is.

PS I was so excited about the simplicity I had the kids come in. I read the first part and they read the "his love endures forever" part. I want them to associate all of creation and all things to how great the Lord's love for them is. It never turns out exactly as I imagine it, but they were really cute in the process.

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