Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Another Beautiful Messy Day...

One of the most common struggles for moms (and anyone really) is being okay with a mess. I want my home to sparkle. I love the way it feels when it is clean. I even want my yard to look good. It feels so satisfying when everything is clean. I feel like I can actually relax.
It is clean after 7pm and before 7pm but then... the creatures of the house begin to stir. They take off their pajames on the way to the kitchen. They bring toys to the breakfast table. They then get more toys into the den. Only to take pieces of those toys to the office to combine with pieces from another box. The kitchen sink is already on overflo just from morning coffee and breakfast for kids that won't eat their eggs from the same bowl as their cereal and have to have a separate cup for their water and juice... But I can't do anything about the dishes because the baby is eating chalk and climbing into the fire place- literally. Then the brothers drop everything to play with MARKERS. They look like they have stepped out of a tattoo parlor. It isn't even 8 am yet. All day long I am borderline anxiety attack as I walk around my house. But when I am on my way home from picking up number 1 at preschool, I pull onto our street and I see it. A trike in my front yard. I smiled so big. I love that I, Mary Mac Atkinson Brookins, have my own children that can ride that bike. I love when I pulled in, I got to cut on the sprinkler and let the kids run around in their underwear getting soaked. The kind of sprinkler that is made for kids that wiggles and turns made of all sorts of colors. (pics to come).  Mud footprints led from the back door to the bathroom. More clothes thrown all over the house. Baby Pebbles is banging the pots and pans in the kitchen floor. Chaos. Pure chaos. Beautiful chaos. I grab a cup of coffee and enjoy it. I am so thankful for another beautiful messy day.

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