Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sleepless in Sugar Land

Does anyone else kids wake up all hours of the night? Surely we are not the only ones that get up all night for different reasons? Was anyone else prepared for this? I thought it would get better the older the kids got. I mean once you get a baby sleeping through the night... But it has only gotten WORSE. Adam who used to sleep 12-14 hours a night. Now sleeps 10. Ryan can go to bed early but will always wake up 6:30. Caitlin goes down but will wake up every few hours mad that she is alone or not involved in whatever party she thinks she is missing.
I think I live in a dream world. I assumed parenting was like babysitting. You put the kids in bed. They stay in bed ALL night. Wake up with cheerful happy hearts ready to play and obey.
My college friend, katie Jo is coming tomorrow. Hope she isn't expecting to sleep :) CANNOT WAIT!
We are going to celebrate baby jatieko's first birthday (Caitlin, that is!)

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Beth said...

AMEN! Cait and Eli should have a little baby party together in the middle of the night so the rest of us can sleep! Why wasn't I prepared for living life with such lack of sleep? I have to remind myself that gazillions of parents have survived sleep deprivation!! Miss you, MM!