Saturday, March 31, 2012

How Much Heartache can a person take?

Tim is the worst when the kids get sick. I don't mean unhelpful, but what I do mean he gets so upset when he knows they are suffering. Teething, colds, flu, you name it and he just gets "all tore up." There is part of me that says, "eh, they'll forget about it." I get the lack of compassion from my mom (that is a family joke).
Tuesdays I do a particular class at the gym. A couple of Tuesdays ago i met a really cool friend. We clicked instantly. She and her husband, 2 kids (2 and 4 years old) and dog live in an RV so they can travel with their husband while he does work across the country. They are here for 3 months. We hung out a couple of times and talked on the phone. Then her son got sick. Horribly sick. He went to the hospital over the past weekend. Then was released. Then went back yesterday and they found out he has meningitis. Please Pray for his recovery.
We got to have his sister come for a sleepover last night. It is so different have a girl around!
Then last week I visited another family at the hospital, the Carpenters. They lost their son, Cade, 4 last year to heart disease. And were in the hospital for their daughter just shy of 2 with heart problems. She passed away yesterday. Pray for this family.
And you have families like Breck and Brian Gamel who have 2 precious sons. One with Cystic fibrosis and they have to fight for his life every. single. day. They handle it so beautifully. 
 It is too much heartache. Where I get stuck is there is NOTHING I can do to fix it. And it isn't even my family. but today I will weep with those who weep. And rejoice with those who rejoice. I will carry this burden for them in prayer and intercede.

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Elizabeth said...

Just be present (in any way you can), that's all you can do. I will pray for your friends.