Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I love love the y. We go whenever we can. Since we have moved to Sugar Land I have been floating around to different classes and I realize that people like different things when they are working out. Here are the things I like and dislike...
I don't like when instructors like to YELL. I don't like them up in my face or touching me. Just tell me to do it. And leave it at that. However I don't want the work out to be easy. I want it to be challenging. I do like when they talk about technique with detail.
I love when there are inspiring quotes on posters hanging around. When I was growing up I had a poster that read, "A team is as weak as it's weakest player." Behind the words was a girl slam dunking the ball and she says, "O yea? It won't be me!" AWESOME. hahaha. I am not trying to 'win' anything. Just challenge myself. My favorite poster at the y right now is an ad for cheese that reads, "you are faster than the people on their couches." I am moving pretty slow these days in my 30's. and honestly, loving it.

What is your gym personality?

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