Tuesday, February 14, 2012

There is a bird in Adam's ear

I woke up to roses this morning! So sweet and beautiful. Roses are one of my favorite things. Caitlin has an ear infection and Adam has strep on top of his 6 week ear infection. Which means Ryan will probably get it too. So we are home. Again. With sickness. The last two days were hideously cold and rainy. Today is gorgeous. It is tempting to just take the kids to a park. No one will know that they are sick... They are in bed resting. Watching TV, reading, playing. My house is a wreck. My hair is a wreck. Part of secretly likes when they are sick, because they will lay on me and snuggle and let me rock them. It it also nice to have a few days to stay home and not do anything. This is a pretty boring post. However this next part is for the grandparents and anyone who is intested. As a mom, I find it helpful to hear other people's stories about their kids health...
Here is what is up with Adam's ear.
First know he has his second pair of tubes.
6 weeks ago Adam went to the dr with an ear infection in his right ear. She couldn't see past all the drainage so she gave him a prescription for antibiotic drops  and oral antibiotics. He did this for 10 days.
The day after he finished his meds. we left for our first night for Alabama. He complained his ear hurt.
On that sunday we drove to sc where my uncle Oscar, Dr. Lovelace checked out his ear and said he couldn't see past the drainage either. He gave him antibiotic shots. 2. And said that Adam needed to get to an ENT when we got back to texas to clean out the ear.
On Tuesday- we were in Richmond, VA at this point, Adam was complaining of his ear again. He cried through the night. I got an appt for thursday with an ENT in Va. She cleaned out the ear the best she could. But couldn't get it all. She said she thought the body was rejecting the tube and when we got back to texas he would need to see an ENT about taking said tube out. She also gave him antibiotics and more drops.
Adam's ear continued to hurt. I took him again to see an ENT in Greensboro, NC. He cleaned it out and finally he saw the tube! He agreed with the ent in Va. He gave us another antibiotic, ugh.
When I got back to Texas Adam was still in pain. I made an appt with an ENT. He didn't listen. He didn't like having kids in his office. So he sent us to ANOTHER pediatric ENT. Which is good, because he wasn't helpful. All he did was give us yet another prescription for an antibiotic. Which I didn't fill. Too much antibiotics can cause a fungus...
Ok so week 5 we make it to the pediatric ENT. He listens very well. No more antibiotics. And he scheduled to have his tube removed on the 23rd. Until then he just has to suffer through the pain. It is so hard to watch him hurt.


Erin said...

Girl, I know what it's like to deal with ongoing health problems in your kids--agonizing, exhausting, frustrating to the max. I've been there and am there. I hope Adam's ear issues are straightened out soon, and I'm sending up a prayer for you during this trying time. Love you and miss you.

Whitney said...

Oh Mary Mac.....! My heart hurts for you and for Adam. I remember the days when we were up and down all night with ears and NO ONE in the house got sleep during that time. Your baby is in so much paint that they can't sleep, you worry because you can't make the pain stop and your husband worries because he can't make either of you better and he has to go to work knowing his wife and child are both dealing with something he can't fix. We did deal with a similar thing with Isabella. Her tube was not being rejected but she got ear infections, yes infections, plural, inside the tube. Our ENT was wonderful, he listened and only wanted to make my sweet girl better but he told me it would not be easy on me or her. But I knew as a mom I had to do what was best for my girl, her ears and her hearing. The strapped her down in a straight jacket like thing, which was on a back board on a table in the office. He then proceeded to sucktion all the yuck out of both of her ears, yes infection in both ears inside the tubes, this took about 10 minutes each ear. I know it was painful for her and they couldn't give her anything for it either, I just cried as they did it but when they were done we did have to do a run of antibiotics and they sent us home with numbing drops which were our best friend forever!!! (we still use them today when the girls have ear problems) Both my girls have had 3 sets of tubes and so far so good. I think now at the age of 5 Olivia has grown out of hers. And for the most part Isabella has grown out of hers. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Know we love you and are praying for you, your babies and your family.