Saturday, February 4, 2012

North Carolina, Raise up!

Bryson, Lander and Kate Black!

Pete, the back of dad's head, and mom

William, my parents neighbor holding ryan. He was so sweet to the boys and played basketball with them.

Look Adam is standing on a ball.

Whenever anyone wanted to hold Caitlin. they would take her to a different room- away from me. this is mom and caitlin peeking at me.

 This is it y'all. This is fireman pete, also known as Lander's boyfriend.
 And here she is! The main attraction! The main reason I drove all the way out to the carolinas. To see my sister and best friend miss Lander Allison.
So here is the story about caitlin in the frying pan. first the boys and I decided to cook her (all pretend of course). Then we discovered the pan spun easily on the floor and it turned into a game for all of us. we spun each kid around and had many a laughs.

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