Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year

As mentioned before I just love new beginnings. And that is what 2012 is all about... NEW BEGINNINGS. The few resolutions I have are top secret. Well, more personal. However, you might recognize a change... time will only tell. I will tell you this, it has nothing to do with dieting or exercise or weight.
Here are some changes coming up in our lives:
We are going to meet my sister, Lander in NC. AND get to meet Lander's Montana Boyfriend of the month in the end of Jan in NC. This will be the FIRST time I have traveled by myself with all three kids and we will be gone for 2 weeks.
Why are we gone for two weeks? Besides getting to see family is Virginia, NC and AL? Tim defends his dissertation Feb 28th and we are going to give him a chance to have all the time he might possibly need to touch it up. This is a BIG deal for him and I am really proud of him. Feb 29th will be the FIRST time in 9 years that Tim will be DONE with gradschool! Can I get a whoop, whoop!?!
This is our LAST winter/spring summer before we have a child in school! Yikes! Adam goes to kindergarten in August! God help us! (I mean it). This brings out a desperate side of my I was unexpecting. It makes me want to home school him and do all kinds of fun things and be with him forever and all kinds of sappy things.(we are still planning on public school, i am just describing how I am feeling...)
I have to go, more pics to come

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