Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Y'all!

It is christmas Eve and I cannot stop smiling. I have not stopped smiling since I woke up to feed our precious Caitlin this morning. I couldn't stop smiling and kissing the children during the church service. I kept thinking how sweet all their noises were- baby smacking, loud whipsers and baby babble. All their little hands and the feel of them wiggling in their chairs brought so much joy because I thought this is probably what it was like in the stable. Mary and Joseph were delighted to hold the precious son of God. To see him yawn or make the baby whisle face. In the still of the night to hear the unavoidable noises of a barn and of the sound of a baby breathing. How beautiful. SO I am thankful and my heart is full. The Prince of Peace has come! Rejoice!

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Malea said...

Wonder- ful!