Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A first for Everything, even chocolate!

 Caught at the scene of the crime. Here is what happened. Ryan left his Advent calendar on the floor of the office. I brought Caitlin in and sat her down while I checked email and probably spent too long browsing the internet. She tore apart Ryan's calendar and found CHOCOLATE.
 You can't really tell but there is chocolate drool all over her chin and pjs.
 This is her tight fisting the chocolate.
 The worst part is, I didn't have the heart to take away the chocolate. I just feel like I understand her. If I were her, it would break my heart if something took it away. I can't break her heart, not over this.
 It makes us so happy.
Sick I know. That is why we have therapists in the family (mom and charlie's phych. major has to count for something).


Malea said...

Like mother,...

Kristen said...

You are officially the best mom ever.

Kristen said...
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Lindsay said...

i seriously can't get over her red hair!!

love that she is a chocolate lover! :)

Mary said...

Love you, Love her, - love red hair - - love chocolate!!!