Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day #7 Thankful

Kathleen Nelson does a thirty days of thankfulness on her blog every year. I always find it inspiring and moving. Don't those mean the same thing? Anywho I would like to join her on this journey of thankfulness. Today I am thankful for Texas weather. Truth be told I love snow. I love cold weather. I love the way cold air hurts your lungs when you run. But in Houston, I don't have that. I have done my share of grieving colder days and things like fall, but when it is a sunday, and your kids are in shorts and tshirts barefoot outside ALL day, when the church is able to have a 'patties and pies on the porch' lunch and it isn't too hot or too cold, when you don't have to run the air in the house... there is much to be celebrated. Most will agree, a beautiful day is a good day!
I am also thankful that a beautiful day is a distraction for me. I think of all these little things I want to buy or get done. But when I step outside, I am distracted by the beauty. I get the kids outside, even Caitlin. and we run and play until it is time for dinner. I have forgotten to run to the store to get lunch bags. so I will just wrap lunches in ceran wrap? but we filled the day with wonderful memories. And when we do this, is it not an act of worship- responding to the beauty of the Lord!?!
This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it! Amen! 

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Kathleen said...

Sweet---so glad you're able to embrace the Houston weather. It's a good thing to look for the beauty in the day---because it's there. It's even there in August in Houston......somewhere! ;D