Tuesday, November 15, 2011

day # 16 Thankful for

The YMCA! Might seem lame but hear me out... today i dropped the kids off, went to a class, and when I picked them up Caiti Bug was sleeping in the worker's arms. Adam and Ryan were playing dinosaurs with the other children. It was so sweet.
The workers know the kids by name. They let the kids color or do puzzles. They can even get the kids to clean up without a fuss. The kids enjoy going everyday. Ryan refers to it as 'my class'. i am so thankful for the workers at the Y and the safe environment they've created for the kids.
Next, I am thankful for the fact we can go to the YMCA. Everyone knows it is expensive to belong to a gym, especially with childcare. The YMCA has a rule to let everyone in. It isn't a handout. Their rule is everyone has to pay something. They have helped us and many other families in times when we otherwise couldn't afford it. I am thankful for their generosity towards us and others.
I am thankful that I can work out! I enjoy being able to take a random class or jump on a bike or treadmill. It makes a difference in my day when I have gotten to work out. It isn't for everyone. I get that. but man I LOVE it. Thank you God for the Y.

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