Monday, October 3, 2011

The golden goose tantrum

Adam is going through a pretty confusing phase- at least confusing for me. I thought tantrums were over. But it appears that I was wrong, they had barely begun. This is what it looks like: He will go to his room, SLAM the door and then yell in his room or wail or both. He loves to be loud about it. I thought maybe if I take pictures of him crying, it will curtail his act. This backfired because he soaked up the attention and called for pity. oi!
But who am I kidding? I still throw tantrums. My tantrums look like gritted teeth, slamming a cabinet, unloading the dishwasher loudly, and even lashing out at my family and a lot of uglier things. I guess we have some growing up to do in the Brookins household.

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Beth said...

haha...I thought I was the only one who unloaded the dishwasher loudly. We're funny little human beings, aren't we?