Thursday, September 8, 2011

Leah Grace's Heart Transplant

Leah is in surgery right now. Please pray for her precious little body as it undergoes a major surgery. Pray for her parents and drs.
 In honor of today, Sept 8 I thought it would be a great encouragement and surprise for the Parkers if everyone who is able donates $8 and or signs her guestbook at
Leah checks her comments regularly and loves hearing from people who are thinking about her.

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Alina said...

We were all in the class with Ross when Katie called. He left the room, spent about 20 sec on the phone, ran back in, said: "The beeper went off! We are going! Pray!" and ran out. We prayed right then, and it was such a special and beautiful thing. Praying for Leah, and for Katie and Ross, and for that other family.