Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hey Mary Mac, Ace Ventura Called. He wants his job back (pet detective)

 He is in there somewhere...
 this is us waiting for them to climb up there and catch him. they wanted it to rain so he would get cooler and climb down a little.
 this is the girls pulling the rope off his neck.
 here he is, the rascal.
So when I was in elementary school my neighbors lost their dog, Daisy. Susie and I were determined to find her. I asked every single neighbor up the street to see who had seen her last. following clues, I ended up almost 2 miles from home at a gas station (sketchy? ) to find that one of the employers had taken her home and (ahem, thanks to us) would return her in the morning to our neighbors- the howertons for those of you in greensboro. (honestly I think ann howerton may have been glad daisy was lost. )\

On Labor day the kids and I were out for a stroll. We walked in Waco, but we stroll in Sugar Land. Anywho, and a neighbor looked upset- the clue was she was crying. She had lost her younger green iguana. The kids and I prayed for the lizard and looked for it that afternoon. She put up signs around the neighborhood and sat in her yard with binaculars for hours.  Every day we prayed for that iguana. I kinda started thinking a bird had gotten to it. Well saturday morning (two weeks later!) I walked outside and there climbing our mulberry tree was a bright green lizard. I ran and got the neighbors who called their 'wild igauna researcher' friend and she brought her long iguana catcher tool. 4-6 hours later they captured the dang thing and I got an answered prayer and 20 bucks.
 if susie had been wtih me this time, maybe I would have found him faster.

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